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Joining the Wheelers

Dublin Wheelers Cycling Club caters for both male and female members in all age categories from early teens and upwards. Training groups are usually made up of between ten and twenty riders.

Beginner Spins 2019

For the past number of years DWCC has run a structured programme for beginners during the Autumn. A group of newcomers to the sport receive advice and coaching and participate in club spins over a six week period until they reach a level where they can take part in general group spins and become full club members. The start date for this year will be Saturday 28th September 2019. For more information including how to enrol, please see Beginner Spins 2019

Important: You must email us to sign up for these beginner coaching spins

New Membership Applications

Cycling is a wonderful sport which has seen increased participation at all levels in Ireland in recent years. Our club has grown significantly in this time. Club cycling is a means of improving your group-riding skills, bike-handling skills, strength and stamina. You will also learn valuable on-the-road bike repair tips and bike maintenance essentials.

If are interested in club cycling and you wish to join Dublin Wheelers, please make contact with Donal McGuirk, Membership Secretary - membership AT dublinwheelers.com and dublinwheelers AT gmail.com. For insurance purposes, all Dublin Wheelers Cycling Club members must be a member of either Cycling Ireland or the IVCA (Irish Veteran Cyclists Association).

Applications For Competitive Membership

Dublin Wheelers Cycling Club is interested in attracting riders who wish to participate in competitive cycling. The club is particularly interested in helping both male and female younger riders to develop from novice level with the ultimate goal of taking part in competitively sanctioned events.

If you feel this applies to you, please mention this to Donal McGuirk, Membership Secretary - membership AT dublinwheelers.com when applying for membership.

Club Spins

Please Note That Cycling Helmets Are Mandatory.
Club spins take place every Saturday all-year-round. Race training takes place during the off-season, i.e. October - February.

2019-2020 Winter Training

A number of spin groups depart from Santry every Saturday to cater for members of varying abilities. These are:
  1. Racing Group : Race training will continue from Santry every Saturday/Sunday. Departure at 9.30am on Saturdays. Occasional earlier starts on Sundays. Group will be split if numbers dictate.
  2. Touring Groups A and B : The two Saturday touring spins shall continue as usual. Departure at 9.30am on Saturdays. The A spin is usually longer, faster and more hilly (avg. speed 27-28 kmph, distance ~100 km.). The B spin is a bit less demanding (avg. speed 25-26 kmph, distance ~80km.). Members can check the DWCC website forums for details of these spins each week.

Tea/Coffee Stop

Touring spins usually have a tea/coffee stop. This is normally at a little over half-distance.

Bunch Etiquette

Please take the time to read the article on bunch etiquette before coming along for a spin with us. While we do not expect you to be an expert at riding with the bunch on your first ride, the article provides useful tips and hints and will make bunch riding a lot less stressful on your first few spins with us.

Some general advice for group spins like these:

  • Have a racing bike (road bike).
  • Have spare tubes/pump on the bike.
  • Have a couple of bottles of water/energy drink.
  • Have warm/wet gear on if the weather isn't the best.
  • Have a mudguard on if it's wet - as a courtesy to the cyclist behind rather than to save yourself.
  • Don't have tri-bars on, they are dangerous in a spill.
  • Have 5-10 Euro for a coffee-stop.
  • Bring your mobile, put it in a ziploc type bag.
  • Always wear your helmet.


Meeting Place

The Dublin Wheelers meet every Saturday at 9.30am at Santry traffic lights, beside the Morton Stadium. All groups meet at the same place at the same time. See map below.

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